Athena Story 玩具/游戏 Aqua Balls
Athena Story 玩具/游戏 Aqua Balls

Aqua Balls

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These revolutionary water balls are taking summer to the next level

Remember those cheap old plastic water balloons? You know, the ones that used to tear when you tried to stretch it onto the hose.

Yeah, let's leave them in the past. It's 2022 and Aqua Balls are taking over this summer.


Refill, Reuse, Repeat

Aqua Balls are non-toxic refillable water balls you can refill unlimited times with ease.

With it's magnetic seal you can refill these in seconds. It's fast, efficient, and convenient. 

They are eco friendly, made of non-toxic plastic. Have fun with your friends this summer without hurting our environment!


Aqua Ball last forever

Aqua Ball won't break on you, meaning you can keep re-using them over and over. Keep reloading your supply while not worrying about cleanup afterwards!

Help reduce our plastic waste problem

Ordinary plastic water balloons are terrible for our environment! The waste of plastics daily will destroy our planet if we don't act on it.

That's how we got inspired to create reusable water balloons so we can reduce plastic waste.