Athena Story 家居与园艺 Pink Blendy Bottle
Athena Story 家居与园艺 White Blendy Bottle
Athena Story 家居与园艺 Blendy Bottle
Athena Story 家居与园艺 Blendy Bottle

Blendy Bottle

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BlendyBottle is a game changer and can help change your lifestyle. It'll help you live healthier while becoming more energetic. Just prep, grab & go! Make an easy breakfast full of nutrients and vitamins. 


 Provides you with great performance in a compact size. Blend through anything from ice, fresh or frozen fruits and veggies and then drink straight from the bottle!


Smoothies and shakes are high in protein and fiber and making them is the way to go in your weight loss journey. These drinks can definitely help burn fat and are a delicious treat that help you fight off any cravings.


 Take your Blendy anywhere and have the convenience of creating any drink you're in the mood for. Whether you're at the park, out camping/hiking, at the gym, or at the beach, we're confident you'll love having this in your life.  


A bottle that will deliver you quick delicious and nutritious drinks all day on a full battery giving you 8-12 blends.  This blender will help you stay full, hydrated, and energized all day long.


Running out of space and tired of cleaning big bulky blenders? The BlendyBottle is perfect for the fast and easy cleaning you need. Simply add water, soap and blend! It's also water resistant and dishwasher-safe. Making more drinks should never be a hassle.



Why is there a range for the number of blends?

Depending on what is getting blended will determine how much power the blender is utilizing. For example, powders, mixes, and liquids will generally use less power when blending. 

Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes it is. you can also add some dish soap, water and blend! watch it as it cleans itself and rinse afterwards

What is the battery voltage?


I fly a lot when traveling, can I take this with me?

There shouldn't be an issue taking your empty blender bottle inside your checked luggage. Once you arrive you can continue blending your own drinks anywhere!


How to use:

-Add your desired fresh/frozen fruits or powders/mixes

-Pour liquid of choice

-Seal the bottle and push the button on the bottom to blend

-Enjoy your refreshing beverage



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